A Back-to-School Haircut Is Just the Glow-Up Your Kids Need to Feel Ready for a New Year

The key to starting the school year off on the right foot is all about confidence. If your kids look good, they feel good and studies show that kids who are confident do better in school. That means new clothes, new shoes, and most important, a new back-to-school haircut! Here at The Dollhouse Beauty Salon, we’re all about helping kids feel their best and we have some tips to make sure their new look lasts well into the semester.

Easy Cuts Make Mornings a Breeze

Every parent knows how big of a hassle it is to get kids ready in the morning. An easy-to-maintain haircut that requires little styling saves you valuable time without sacrificing their appearance.

For boys, we always recommend shorter styles–like classic fades, straight scissor cuts, or crew cuts–that need very little work to look styled. Simply add a little gel and they’re good to go! These cuts are classic for a reason: they work for all ages and most hair types, making them ideal for your family.

Lovely Locks and Easy Styles for Long Hair

Girls’ haircuts don’t have to be complicated. Working with the right salon ensures that your child gets to express their style without needing to spend hours in the bathroom every morning. We love a long bob (also called a lob), long hair with straight bangs, wispy bangs with long layers (so they won’t be noticeable as they grow out), and curly bobs that just need a little product every morning.

If your girl prefers long hair, bubble braids, slick ponytails, messy buns, and even pigtails are a great way to showcase style while keeping their hair out of their face. For shorter cuts, a small amount of product worked through with your hands in the morning will help make sure they look as good when you pick them us as they did when you dropped them off!

Whatever their style, The Dollhouse Beauty Salon has the perfect haircut to make sure they shine. Call us today to schedule your appointment and help your kids start the year off with a bang.

Hair Tips for Back-to-School

Avoiding the dreaded cooties known as head lice is something every parent hopes to do when the school year starts. There ae some tried-and-true methods to keep your kids’ hair clean and free of headlice and we’re here to share them with you so that you can get through the school year bug-free.

  • Don’t Share Brushes, Hats, or Hair Ties/Headbands: The number one way to avoid headlice is to teach your kids what not to share. Teaching them early about the risks will help ensure that they make good decisions with their friends and classmates.
  • Avoid Head-to-Head Contact When Playing: This one can be difficult, especially for little kids. The more you can keep your kids’ heads away from their friends though, the better chance you have to prevent a lice infestation.
  • PRO TIP: Here’s one we bet you haven’t heard: tea tree oil is a deterrent for headlice. By simply placing some on the neck-base hairline, you will help nourish your kids’ hair and prevent lice from becoming a problem. It’s a win-win!

Schedule an Appointment for a Back-to-School Haircut Today!

Call The Dollhouse Beauty Salon today at (859) 635-3655 to schedule an appointment for your kids’ back-to-school haircut and style. No matter their style, we’ll make sure they look their best on the first day of school and for all the days after. We look forward to helping your kids have a year to remember.