Back to School=Back to Beautiful Hair

Get your back-to-school cuts and colors at Dollhouse Beauty Salon! We have made it super easy to get your next appointment! Book your appointment online today or call us to schedule your next appointment. We aim to make you look and feel your best. You and the entire family deserve the best haircuts and colors going into the new school year!

Easy Hairstyles This School Year

Dutch Braids

The Dutch braid is a classic. For years and years, this has been a style we recommend for back to school, and it will continue to be! Dutch braids are achieved by grabbing three strands of hair and taking turns crossing them under one another. The main difference between a regular braid and a Dutch braid is how you cross the strands. For a Dutch braid, you cross the hair underneath one another, this helps the braid pop up and gives it more volume! Whereas standard braids that lay flatter to the head are achieved by crossing the strands over top of one another. This style will last you the entirety of the school day and even for sports after school. Pro Tip: if you want a wavy crimp to the hair sleep in this style overnight and take it out the next day!

Slick Back Pony

When in doubt, slick it out! Is your hair a little oily today? Well, that’s not a problem with the slicked-back trend in 2023. All you need for this style is a gel, hairspray, a comb, and a claw clip or hair tie. Start by getting your hair tacky with the gel and pull it back as you would for a pony. Then to smooth the look use your comb to flatten everything out. Add gel, a leave-in conditioner, and hairspray as needed to make the look completely slicked back. This is great for our girlies with damaged hair because you can add leave-in products to help protect your hair throughout the day… plus no heat! This look is not only easy but makes everything look put together!

Bubble Braids

-The newest, trendiest, and easiest way to pull off the braided look is bubble braids! All you need is elastics! For those of you who want your braid to be more volumized or maybe just struggle with braids in general. Then this hairstyle is perfect for you. It’s accomplished by adding an elastic band at the top of your hair and adding another about an inch below it and grabbing more strands of hair when you do this. Once you have multiple elastics in your hair, start pulling the hair out in between each elastic with your fingers to give it a bubble effect. Continue this all the way until you get to the ends of your hair. Another fun way to do bubble braids is by tying the ends off into buns or a pony!

Reminder to Keep Cooties Away

This school year the last thing we want to take home is cooties… or the technical term “lice”. Spraying tea tree oils or spraying around the neck and hairline is key to deterring those icky cooties away! Book with Dollhouse this back-to-school season!