Make sure your hair is holiday-ready by booking an appointment at The Dollhouse Beauty Salon. From gorgeous holiday hairstyles to professional winter hair care, our salon is here to make sure you look and feel your best this holiday season.

Spots are filling up fast, so make sure to book early to guarantee an appointment! Plus, if you’re looking for a great gift for everyone on your list, DOLLars are as good as cash in the salon and can be used for any service, so stock up today!

Holiday Hairstyles You’ll Love

A good holiday hairstyle is as important as ornaments on a tree. Whether you’re hosting a blowout Christmas party or sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends, you want to celebrate in style. The Dollhouse Beauty Salon offers a variety of services to make sure your hair not only looks amazing but is strong and healthy all winter long.

Holiday hair styles we love include:

Big, Bouncy Curls

Fun and festive, bodacious bouncy curls are the perfect look for any holiday affair. Whether you want to enhance your own natural curls or create them from stick-straight locks, anyone can achieve this classic look.

Visit us for a blowout and our hairstylist will teach you how to add volume to your locks using the proper tools and products so you can get salon-quality curls whenever you want them. It’s a fun, easy look for any holiday celebration.

Lovely Loose Braids:

A favorite holiday hairstyle, (and for good reason!) loose braids are classy and versatile. From a beautiful fishtail braid to the ever-popular Elsa side braid, there are a TON of options to meet any style.

To accentuate your braid and make it even more festive, add a holiday hair vine , ribbon, or other accessory.

Don’t forget the kids! We offer kids Christmas hairstyles and cuts and can finish their look with a glitter spray for an added touch of holiday magic.

Winter Hair Care for Silky-Smooth Locks

While your style is a big part of your holiday look, hair care is equally as important. At The Dollhouse Beauty Salon, we provide clients with a range of treatments designed to keep your hair healthy by locking in moisture and preventing frizz, static, and breakage.

Speak with a stylist today to find the right treatment for your unique needs. Some of our most popular winter hair treatments include:

Deep Conditioning Treatments: Have you ever noticed that your hair becomes drier, more brittle, and less manageable in the winter? That’s because low humidity outdoors and heated indoor air rob your locks of the moisture they need to thrive. Your hair needs special care in the winter months to keep it soft and healthy, making a professional deep conditioning treatment a necessity.

In many cases, simply conditioning your hair when you shampoo is not enough. It needs extra help to keep it hydrated in the winter, so scheduling regular professional conditioning treatments is an important first step. Our stylist will go over your hair needs to find the right conditioning treatment to keep your hair beautiful.

Moisturizing Hair Masks: Where deep conditioners are great for nourishing and maintaining your hair, moisturizing hair masks are used to repair damage. A hair mask penetrates deep into the hair cuticle and provides nourishment to help hair heal from heat, color, bleach, and other damaging elements.

Hair Serums for Frizz/Static: Because hair is drier in the winter, it’s more prone to frizz and static. Specialty serums allow you to combat annoying flyaways and frizzy strands to ensure your hair is smooth and silky all day long. We carry a range of serums designed to meet the needs of all hair types and textures, so call today to schedule your appointment at The Dollhouse Beauty Salon and get the beautifully smooth hair you deserve this holiday season.