Celebrate 2022 by upping your hair game! At The Dollhouse Beauty Salon, we offer a variety of serums, hair oils, and other treatments to ensure your hair stays healthy all winter long. Our professional hair stylist works with all hair textures and can create a custom treatment plan based on your unique needs, so call us today to book an appointment.

Why Professional Hair Care Is More Important in the Winter

Winter is hard on our hair; the cold, harsh weather outside and the hot, dry air inside makes hair more prone to damage and breakage than it is in warmer weather. While there are plenty of tips and tricks for how to keep your hair healthy while at home (and we’ll cover those too) nothing can compare to the custom treatment options afforded by professional hair care.

We use salon-quality products that penetrate deep into the hair follicles, ensuring your hair is protected from damage from the inside out. Your winter hair care treatment will address your unique needs–whether it’s frizz, dehydration, split ends, or breakage–and we’ll also offer advice for how to keep your hair healthy in between appointments.

Hair Serum Vs. Hair Oil for Winter Hair Care

Both of these products are useful for dry hair care, but they are not the same thing. Hair serum is used to add shine, protects against frizz, and smooths the hair to be more manageable and beautiful. Hair oil, on the other hand, is used to rehydrate the hair and camouflage split ends. Both protect against heat treatment and tangles and they can be used together for superior hair health this winter.

While there are drugstore options for hair serums and hair oils, they are not the same quality as what you get in a salon. Drugstore products are often loaded with chemicals that actually cause more damage in the long run. For the best, longest-lasting results, it’s best to visit The Dollhouse Beauty Salon for professional hair care.

Tips for Winter Hair Care at Home

While professional hair care is a great tool to utilize for damaged hair, it’s important to follow general rules to keep your hair healthy after treatment. These include:

  1. Don’t go outside with wet hair. If your hair is wet while it’s freezing outside, your hair can freeze too, causing breakage.
  2. Avoid heat treatments as much as possible. Because your hair is more dry in the winter, it is not as protected against flat ironing and blow drying. If you must blow dry your hair, do so in a warm or cool setting.
  3. Buy a humidifier for your home. One of the best ways to care for your hair is to prevent damage before it can occur. Installing a humidifier will keep your indoor air from being too dry, thereby protecting your hair.
  4. Deep condition your hair once a week. We sell some great winter hair care products in the salon and can also make recommendations for which conditioners to use at home. Our professional hair care team is always here to help keep your hair healthy in and out of the salon, so call us today for your appointment.

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