Pumpkin spice lattes, oversized sweaters, cool evenings around a campfire . . . yep, fall is just around the corner and we can’t wait to leave the humidity behind! If you’re ready for fall and want to embrace the season with a low-maintenance look, we have a few hairstyles that are just right for you.

Easy Ways to Achieve a Darker Look

Whether you’re a natural blonde that wants to go a bit darker without the commitment or you’ve lightened your hair and don’t want your efforts to go to waste, we understand not wanting to go all-out dark for the season. At The Dollhouse Beauty Salon, we love fall looks that require very little maintenance and our absolute favorite hair color technique is the smudge root.

A smudge root blurs the lines between a darker root and your light locks, creating a soft transition from the root to the lightened hair. It’s more natural than an ombre and requires very little upkeep, unlike balayage.

A Different Smudge Root for Every Style

There are multiple ways a smudge root can be applied to meet your style, including:

Traditional Smudge Root: The darker hair color is applied at the root and “smudged” into the shaft of the hair, giving you darker roots that gradually fade over time. The “smudge” is applied all over the root of the hair for a seamless look.

Smudge Root with Money Piece: For those who like a bit of drama with their hair, a money piece is the way to go. The sections that frame your face are lightened from root to tip and are not smudged with the rest of the hair, giving you added dimension.

Smudge Root Pulled Through Hair: This is another great way to add dimension to your hair. Instead of brightening the hair around the face, the smudge root is pulled through your hair similar to lowlights, giving you an overall darker look without losing the blonde you love.

No matter what style you choose, we recommend finishes the look with a salon-quality gloss to keep your look fresh and bright. We use the most trusted hair gloss products on the market and we make recommendations based on your hair needs, so call us today to book your appointment!

Great Products to Fight Frizz and Keep Your Hair Healthy

While fall is quickly approaching, summer isn’t through with us yet! That means the humidity is still high and you need proven products to help you fight the frizz and maintain a smooth, fresh look.

Two of our favorite Olaplex products are Olaplex No. 6 and Olaplex No. 7. These powerhouse products pack a punch for all hair types and are the perfect addition to any hair service. HEre’s why we love them:

  • Olaplex No. 6: This leave-in cream strengthens, hydrates, protects, and eliminates frizz for long-lasting protection. It also prevents fly-aways for up to 72 hours and leaves your hair smooth and sleek without weighing it down.
  • Olaplex No. 7: Designed to repair damaged and compromised hair, this bonding oil protects color vibrancy and offers heat protection up to 450 degrees. It offers unbeatable hydration for all hair types while increasing shine and softness, plus it repairs and strengthens hair from root to tip

Another product that is great for protecting your hair in the humidity is Morrocan oil. These amazing hair products are packed with omega fatty acids that tame frizz and add shine to damaged hair. Plus, Morracan oil promotes scalp health by balancing pH levels, thereby naturally combatting oil and keeping your hair cleaner, longer.

Get Fall Ready with Hydrated and Healthy Hair at The Dollhouse Beauty Salon

No matter your style, we’re here to make sure your hair is ready for fall. Call The Dollhouse Beauty Salon today at (859) 635-3655 to schedule your appointment and start on the path to a look you’ll love!