Love is in the hair at The Dollhouse Beauty Salon

It’s no secret that we are happiest when we look and feel our best. There’s always something about the perfect hair, makeup, and outfit combo that makes date night that much better. At Dollhouse Beauty Salon we have plenty of options to help you feel stunning in every way. We have many options for you, from haircuts, color, eyelash, eyebrow services, and style and makeup appointments. One of the biggest date nights of the year is coming up and we have some great advice and styles for the night, because we want you to be in love with the way you look! There are so many staple hairstyles that you can’t go wrong with, but we have some favorites that we are so happy to share with you.

Hair and Makeup Tips

Sleek Half Up Half Down

Channel your inner Ariana Grande vibes with a sleeked-back look. A bonus with a sleek hairstyle is how protective of a style it is! You can add additional oils to your scalp, or a deep conditioner and it still looks great because sleek styles often have a shiny appearance to them anyways, so adding oils fts right in with the style. This half up look gives you the best of both worlds, sleek & sexy yet also healthy for your hair

Big Bouncy Curls

How could we forget a classic? Girls and our curls, what can we say, we love them! Big and bouncy curls that sit and flow just right when you strut your stuff into the restaurant, without a doubt will make you look and feel sexy! We recommend using a wide barrel curling iron to give your hair the full bouncy effect!

A Sleek Pony

Are you wearing a red off-the-shoulder or open-back dress, or maybe you’re wearing the cutest top that deserves to be shown off! Either way, the perfect style to make sure your outfit gets the love it deserves is by styling your hair with a sleek ponytail. This style is truly one that makes your outfit pop and makes your appearance look clean and crisp! We recommend adding a bold lip with this hairstyle especially!

Using Shimmer and Highlight

A common makeup product we use is highlighter. Mostly we place it on our cheekbones, around the eyes, or use it along with our contour routine to highlight areas of light that are prominent on our face. But a true MUST is adding this highlight or shimmer product along your collarbones to catch your crush’s eye.


It’s the season where you see red and pink everywhere! You were born to stand out, so pucker up and show off your lips and Botox with a statement red lip!

OH Yes, it’s Ladies’ Night

The best place to prep for Valentine’s Day is at our ladies’ night event! It’s on Feb 9th from 5-7 PM! Treat yourself to Botox, wine, boutiques, great company, and much more! This night is for

you. If you need help trying to execute the styles listed above, our stylists will be at the event and are ready to help you. Please join us and enjoy a pleasant evening with ladies of similar interest to you. Remember, you don’t have to get Botox to attend the event! Contact us to reserve your spot!

Be The Best Valentine and Gift an Appointment at Dollhouse Beauty Salon!

Love is in the air, or maybe it’s in the way you style your hair. Our salon uses the highest quality products, and we are here to help guide you on the best products to add to your haircare routine. The stylists at our salon have the perfect product recommendations to execute sleek styles, plus we also have protective products when you use your hot tools. Call us today at (859) 635-3655 to schedule an appointment to touch up all things’ hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows to look gorgeous and feel fabulous on the 14th! Appointments are filling up fast, so call today, especially to join our ladies’ valentine’s event!